Welcome to Grey Box Solutions - South Australia's freshest boutique real estate company - Connecting People and Places.

Our name is inspired by the Grey Box Eucalypt tree that is native to Australia - some groves still exist in South Australia that pre-date European settlement. Also, a grey box, while plain on the outside, can contain all kinds of treasures inside, just like the services we offer. These services include Residential Real Estate Sales and Property Management.

When you choose to partner with Grey Box Solutions you are not just working with another sales agent or property manager, you are engaging with someone genuine who is working in your best interests every time!

Glen Heaysman


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I am the owner and principal registered land agent at Grey Box Solutions.  I will personally look after every step of the sales process on your behalf and me and my team will personally look after your investment property for you.


I am also a Red Cross Blood Plasma donor, with over 200 donations, and I am a Justice of the Peace and a member of the Royal Association of Justices.

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Brigitta Kernot

Sales Consultant &

Property Manager

Brigitta our primary Real Estate Sales and Property Manager at Grey Box Solutions and has quickly built up a reputation amongst our landlords, tenants and tradespeople as a hard working Property Manager who gets things done in a quick and professional manner.  Brigitta loves her job and it shows in her no-nonsense enthusiasm to make things happen. 

Brigitta is always on the road and constantly driving past many of the properties she manages and is a valuable asset to the Grey Box Solutions team.

Contact Brigitta today and enquire about how she can expertly manage your investment or provide a stress-free sale of your beautiful home.

Phone - 0408 819 027

Email - brigitta@greyboxsolutions.com.au

Shelley Eitzen

Property Manager

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Shelley wears more than one hat here at Grey Box Solutions.  Firstly, Shelley is the Office Administrator and, in this role, is appreciated by the landlords, tenants and tradespeople for her courteous and prompt approach. Thanks to Shelley's caring and friendly personality, thorough trust accounting and astute attention to detail, you can be confident that your investment is in safe hands.

Shelley has a strong accounting and information technology background and has a real passion for property management in the real estate industry. This has led Shelley into a property management role and she does an outstanding job managing your investment.

Contact Shelley today and enquire about how she can expertly manage your investment.

Phone - 0410 624 545

Email - admin@greyboxsolutions.com.au