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Become a Contract Sales Agent with Grey Box Solutions


At Grey Box Solutions, we'd like to change the face of residential real estate.  We're looking for suitably qualified and licensed Sales Agents who would like to work part-time selling property for family and friends.  With autonomy to work the hours you like, set the professional fee you like and sell as many or as few houses each year as you like.

There's no pressure to meet KPI quotas, door knock, cold call or letterbox drop.  Simply make your leads through social media and your existing network of family and friends... and best of all, you get to keep the majority of your professional fee.  Just think about all the hard work you've put in previously to be rewarded with a 40% commission. Those days could be behind you.

Try out our simply calculator to see what a difference a bit more disposable income could make to your life.

(Calculator requires Microsoft Excel.)

If you would like any further information, contact Glen on 0418 816 225 for a confidential discussion.