Property Management

At Grey Box Solutions, we have the unfortunate experience of having our rental properties mismanaged... That's why we started this business.

As investors, we have previously had our property managed poorly.  Other property managers just didn’t seem to realise that our properties were a small business
and, as such, required regular cash flow to continue operating.  Some of the problems we have personally experienced are:

- Having utility accounts paid twice in the same month
- Not following up the tenant for reimbursement of water supply and usage charges
- No rental payments for 5 weeks
- Other landlords' private information sent out
- Only one quarterly inspection in a nine month period
- No communication regarding repair and maintenance issues
- Property not cleaned after the tenant vacated and the tenant’s bond refunded in full
- Maintenance issues reported by the tenant but never actioned

... and the list goes on.


This prompted our Principal into action, and he started managing his properties personally.  After attending night courses with the Residential Tenancies Branch of the Office of Consumer and Business Services, he enrolled in the Certificate IV in Property Services with the Real Estate Institute of South Australia (REISA) and quickly followed this with the Diploma in Property Services, also with REISA.

As well as providing the appropriate qualifications to start a real estate sales and property management business, it has also provided the knowledge and insight into the world of real estate from some of South Australia’s leading industry professionals.  The lecturers at REISA are not just trainers, they’re also running their own businesses, some with decades of experience.

Here at Grey Box Solutions, we believe we are qualified and best-suited to manage your investment for you.  As well as having experience and industry qualifications, we are also extremely well organised and methodical in our approach. 

Contact us for some information about our fee structure versus that of other property managers and, if you like what you see, we will also include a form to give your existing property manager 90 days notice to end your agreement with them.  Simply fill this out and return it to us and we can take care of this for you with no additional cost or disruption to your tenants.

If you’re still not sure, or if you have any further questions, please give us a call on the number below or send us an email.