First house - SOLD!

My first listing was an original condition 1975-built home on a block that had already been sub-divided. It was listed on on the Monday afternoon and opens were held on the Saturday and Sunday. Twenty five different groups of people came through over the two days and by the Tuesday I had received six offers for the property - two of them above the asking price of $285,000 to $295,000.

Huge congratulations to my vendor - the seller - on a very successful sell. Also huge congratulations to Jack and Briana - the purchasers - who are looking forward to renovating and updating the property prior to leasing it out.

Unfortunately I have five other groups of people who put offers in and missed out and who are still looking to purchase in this area, but I am unable to help them at the moment. As well as this group of five, I have another twenty contacts all looking in this area as well. I've done some letterbox drops in the area, but so far no one else is looking to sell.

Who knew that Port Noarlunga South is such a strong-knit, vibrant community?! I guess it's not surprising really given the proximity to the beach, Seaford shopping district and Colonnades area. Plus the up-coming Southern Expressway duplication and upgrades to the Noarlunga/Seaford rail line. I'll be keeping my eye on this area for years to come!

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