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I realise it has been a long time since our last blog post so I just wanted to give you an update on the community gifts that we have recently awarded.

Each time a property is sold, we ask our vendor if there is someone in their local community who could benefit from a $500 gift to assist them with medical needs or just to make their day-to-day lives better.

It's a very rewarding process for our vendors as the donation goes in their name and it goes to someone, or some charity group, that is close to their heart.

Recent community gift recipients have included:

- A young disabled man who has recently moved out of home and into assisted care - the $500 community gift from our vendor meant he could holiday with a charity group from rural South Australia to Adelaide.

- An elderly gentleman who was diagnosed with dementia and placed in high-level care - the $500 gift from our vendor will help him with everyday living expenses such as clothing, haircuts, etc.

- A young Mum who has recently battled against an aggressive brain tumour - and won! - but was left with insurmountable debt. The $500 gift from our vendor made a small dent in that debt and reminded her how generous some people can truly be.

- SIDS KIDS received a $500 gift from our vendor to assist with research into Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

- OXFAM Australia received a $500 gift from our vendor to assist Indigenous Australians programs.

- The Men's Shed community group in a rural retirement village received a $500 gift from our vendor to enable them to buy new equipment and ensure the existing equipment is safe to use for older residents.

Congratulations to all our gift recipients, you're all amazing people!

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